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Correct spelling: designing


Definition of designing:

  1. Given to crafty scheming; intriguing.
  2. The art of drawing designs or patterns.

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This graph shows how "designing" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for designing:

  1. You ought to have a model, daughter, and you should work in chalk or charcoal for your designing. "The Eye of Dread" , Payne Erskine.
  2. In 1509 he is found at Basel, where two years later he became a citizen, supplying ninety- five little woodcuts to an edition of the Postilla of Guillermus, and also designing title borders. "Fine Books" , Alfred W. Pollard.
  3. More light would lessen at once the mistakes of well- meaning manufacturers and the opportunities of illegitimate and designing speculation. "Contemporary Socialism" , John Rae.

Quotes for designing:

  1. We can't manipulate some stars while maintaining other stars as controls; we can't start and stop ice ages, and we can't experiment with designing and evolving dinosaurs. - Jared Diamond
  2. I had business experience. I had made my living designing and building electronic equipment. Basic business was not new to me, but the music business was completely new to me. I knew nothing about distribution, or any of those things. - Greg Ginn
  3. I was probably born with some designing abilities. - Mikhail Kalashnikov
  4. Outside of the chair, the teapot is the most ubiquitous and important design element in the domestic environment and almost everyone who has tackled the world of design has ended up designing one. - David McFadden
  5. I've been designing since I was 8. I started sketching dresses I could wear when skating. I was always involved in all aspects of skating, not just the technique, the choreography, the music, but the visual aspects, too- what I should wear. - Vera Wang
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