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Correct spelling: different


Definition of different:

  1. Distinct; separate; various; unlike.

Common misspellings for different:

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Examples of usage for different:

  1. Indeed, I rather expect you to do just that thing- yet, after all, you have always been different.
  2. I was thinking that Min Kean must have been a different person last term.
  3. It is true you speak; but English is so different.

Quotes for different:

  1. You know, this is- one can imagine how life would be different if one body of Congress was controlled by the other party, there would be subpoena power and there would be all- mechanisms to get to the bottom of all sorts of issues of controversy. - Michael Isikoff
  2. I hate going out in Brighton now. It's different in London. People respect you more there. - Katie Price
  3. Directing is creating a whole. You're able to combine different elements and create a film that is unique and true to your vision. - Tim Robbins
  4. Of course the orders all converge backward in time, to different degrees. - George G. Simpson
  5. I was a little different. I still say I'm a little different, because success to me is not having the most money, or having the biggest car or the biggest house. - Herschel Walker

Rhymes for different:

  1. indifferent.

Idioms for different:

  1. be another/ a different kettle of fish
  2. ( It's) different strokes for different folks.
  3. march to a different drummer
  4. march to ( the beat of) a different drummer
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