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Spell Check of dinner

Correct spelling: dinner

Definition of dinner:

  1. The principal meal of the day; an entertainment; a feast.

Common misspellings for dinner:

dinnier, dineer.


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This graph shows how "dinner" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for dinner:

  1. She said she was going out, and would get the dinner. That is the last I saw her, or said anything to her.
  2. I only eat one meal a day. Lunch, not dinner.
  3. When I usually go to my studio to work, I start with something that is going to take two minutes just to put some idea down and the next thing I know, ten hours have gone by and my family is screaming at me because they want me to come up to have dinner with them.
  4. Serve the dinner backward, do anything- but for goodness sake, do something weird.
  5. Be able to blow out a dinner candle without sending wax flying across the table.

Rhymes for dinner:

  1. inner, pinner, printer, sinner, skinner, spinner, thinner, winner;
  2. beginner, berliner;