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Correct spelling: Doan

Doan \doan\

low, rolling hills
Doan as a boy's name is a variant of Doane (Old English), and the meaning of Doan is "low, rolling hills".
Dan, dean, don, Donn, Dowan.

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Examples of usage for Doan:

  1. She was immediately followed by Luce, who had seen her leave the hall, and who now came out, bearing the girl's coat and bonnet on her arm, and saying: " Yer want to ketch yer deff, doan yer, Miss Odylit? – Her Mother's Secret by Emma D. E. N. Southworth

Rhymes for Doan:

  1. loan, known, hoen, groan, throne, thrown, zone, prone, fone, trone, moan, rhone, tone, roan, sewn, goen, jone, rone, shown, don't, crone, joan, hone, phone, coan, clone, grown, mone, doane, cohn, bone, sloan, sloane, koen, mon, blown, own, sharon, stone, scone, boan, sown, cone, shone, bowne, drone, roane, flown, lone;
  2. cyclone, dethrone, carone, disown, condone, raton, homegrown, atone, trombone, leone, perone, damone, marone, bayonne, cologne, bemoan, alone, pavone, malone, ramone, postpone, tirone, ramon, capone, unknown, outgrown, simone, outshone, tyrone, intone, dijon, hipbone;
  3. bourguignon, unbeknown, overthrown, overgrown, overblown, calderon;
  4. concepcion;