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Spell Check of dough

Correct spelling: dough

Definition of dough:

a flour mixture stiff enough to knead or roll

Common misspellings:

  • dought (41%)
  • doug (12%)
  • doughs (10%)
  • doh (9%)
  • playdough (4%)
  • playgough (4%)
  • dogh (4%)
  • doungh (3%)
  • dougth (3%)

Examples of usage:

1) Edna left this play to make a little short cake from some dough which Ellen gave her.

2) And please do not touch the 'cycle'- 'tis as yet without a flaw, And I do not want a quarrel with my future father- in- law; If this Mr. Baker junior follows up his glances, though, With his fingers, I will thrash him till he thinks his cake is dough.

3) The plasticity of the dough will depend on the plasticity of the raw rubber, and so forth.

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