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Correct spelling: dough


Definition of dough:

  1. A mass of flour or meal moistened and kneaded, but not baked; anything of a doughy consistence. My cake is dough, my affair has miscarried, or not come to maturity.

Common misspellings for dough:

doug, playgough, doush, dought, dougth, playdough, doh, doungh, mixters, digh, dogh, doughs, douhg, dow, doght, doogh, doue, dowght, doung.

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Examples of usage for dough:

  1. Edna left this play to make a little short cake from some dough which Ellen gave her.
  2. And please do not touch the 'cycle'- 'tis as yet without a flaw, And I do not want a quarrel with my future father- in- law; If this Mr. Baker junior follows up his glances, though, With his fingers, I will thrash him till he thinks his cake is dough.
  3. The plasticity of the dough will depend on the plasticity of the raw rubber, and so forth.

Quotes for dough:

  1. Air power is like poker. A second -best hand is like none at all- it will cost you dough and win you nothing. - George Kenney
  2. You know what, the drummer is my manager. He's busy. And I'm busy. I don't need the dough, though. But having said that, there's a limit to how much bad music I wanna play. I did it when I was young, and some of the music was OK, but it wasn't great. - Aimee Mann
  3. Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around. - Anna Quindlen
  4. That is raw dough. Never eat raw dough. They can make worms in your tummy. Worms in your tummy. - Ryan Stiles
  5. I like having the dough to come and go as I please. - Bruce Willis

Rhymes for dough:

  1. aglow, ago, although, arnaud, arnault, miro, pernod, renault.
  2. apropos, eeo, imo, ivo, overflow, taekwondo.
  3. au, aux, beau, beaux, below, bestow, bio, blow, bo, boe, bordeaux, bow, bowe, bro, cabo, chateau, chateaux, chau, cho, cloe, co, coe, cousteau, cro, crow, dau, defoe, devaux, doe, doh, eau, escoe, escrow, flo, floe, flow, foe, forego, forgo, fro, gau, giraud, glo, gloe, glow, go, goe, gogh, goh, gro, grow, hello, ho, hoe, hoh, inco, jo, joe, joh, kayo, know, ko, koh, kowtow, kyo, lo, loe, loew, loewe, loh, low, lowe, luo, marceau, margaux, mau, mo, moe, monroe, mow, munro, nau, ngo, noe, noh, nouveau, o', oh, outgrow, ow, owe, papo, perot, peugeot, plateau, plough, poe, poh, pro, quo, renaud, rho, rideau, ro, roe, roh, rondeau, rouleau, row, rowe, sew, sgro, show, sloe, slow, snow, so, so-so, sow, stow, stowe, strow, tableau, tableaux, tallyho, tarot, thibault, tho, thoreau, though, throw, toe, tow, trow, truffaut, tso, turbot, tyo, undergo, uno, vo, whoa, wo, woe, yau, yo, yoe, yoh, zoh.
  4. celo.
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