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Spell Check of Ernest

Correct spelling: Ernest

Definition of Ernest:

  1. See Earnest.

Common misspellings for Ernest:

  • ermest (19%)
  • erest (12%)
  • enest (12%)
  • enrest (12%)
  • erenst (12%)
  • eranest (6%)
  • hernest (6%)
  • earnst (6%)
  • evrest (6%)
  • ernist (6%)
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Ernest \e-rne-st, er-nest\

serious; battle to the death
Ernest as a boy's name is pronounced ERN-ist. It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Ernest is "serious; battle to the death". Variant of Ernst (German). Literary: Oscar Wilde's comedy "The Importance of Being Earnest" makes the name Earnest a key feature of the plot. Ernesto is a Spanish form. Author Ernest Hemingway; actor Ernest Borgnine; entertainer Ernie Kovacs.
Irenaeus, Ireneus, Aaronas.
Ernst, Earnest, Ernesto, Ernestus, Ernie, Erno.

Examples of usage for Ernest:

  1. I know that Ernest and I could help them, if you thought it all right, and we should love doing it.
  2. With the conversation between Miss Edith Collingham and Professor Ernest Ayling we have almost nothing to do.
  3. Ernest speaks our language; he has our ways.