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Correct spelling: exactly

Definition of exactly:

  1. In an exact manner.

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This graph shows how "exactly" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for exactly:

  1. " Well, not exactly Mary replied. – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf
  2. " I don't know exactly what I mean to do," she replied. – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf
  3. " I can't say exactly Sir," I replied. – The Ghost Pirates by William Hope Hodgson

Quotes for exactly:

  1. It's hard to know exactly what it sounds like to me. I'm in the studio and I write it. and that's it.
  2. To do exactly as your neighbors do is the only sensible rule.
  3. What these books have conclusively proven is that the diffence between men and women is exactly 38 pages.
  4. I think in certain areas the demand is greater than it has ever been, and my business is better than it's been in 30 years. The music business is so precarious, as you know -you've got to make it while you can make it, and that's exactly what we're doing.
  5. I never danced a step in my life so naturally. My first motion picture was a musical, and Bob Fosse was the choreographer. I didn't exactly dance for Fosse, I just did the best that I could to do what he taught us to do.