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Correct spelling: expense

Definition of expense:

  1. Costs of a law suit.
  2. Outlay; cost; disbursement; price paid.

Common misspellings for expense:

expensise, expensence, expensies.


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Examples of usage for expense:

  1. The cost of a thing is whatever one surrenders or gives up for it, intentionally or unintentionally, or even unconsciously; expense is what is laid out by calculation or intention. We say, " he won his fame at the cost of his life;" " I know it to my cost;" we speak of a joke at another's expense at another's cost would seem to make it a more serious matter. There is a tendency to use cost of what we pay for a possession, expense of what we pay for a service; we speak of the cost of goods, the expense of making up. Outlay is used of some definite expenditure, as for the purchase of supplies; outgo of a steady drain or of incidental expenses. See PRICE. –  by
  2. I should like to feast my friends at the Middlers' expense –  by
  3. Expense of a Wife. –  by