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Spell Check of fidelity

Correct spelling: fidelity

Common misspellings for fidelity:

  • fidelty (22%)
  • fideltiy (16%)
  • fidelio (9%)
  • fidality (9%)
  • fidility (9%)
  • feidelity (6%)
  • fedelity (6%)
  • fidenlity (6%)
  • fideliity (6%)
  • fideility (6%)
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Fidelity \f(i)-deli-ty, fid(e)-lity\

Fidelity as a girl's name is pronounced fee-DAYL-lee-tee. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Fidelity is "loyalty". Latin form of Faith. The word is used in America for large financial institutions. The Cuban track celebrity Ana Faith Quitot was named in honor of Fidelia Castro.
Fidessa, Fedila, Fideila, Fidela, Fidele, Fidelia, Fidelina, Fidelita, Fidella, Fidelma.

Examples of usage for fidelity:

  1. He writes: Alcestis would be considered fortunate for having had an opportunity of displaying so conspicuously the fidelity to a wife's first and capital duty.
  2. She replied in a temporising manner that when he had given proofs of his fidelity, she would decide as to what she ought to do.
  3. I pledge you my fidelity in return for yours.