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Spell Check of fission

Correct spelling: fission


Common misspellings for fission:

fussion, fision, fassion, fuision, fisson, frission.

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This graph shows how "fission" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for fission:

  1. A charge of napalm would fry everything for a quarter of a mile around, or the craft might even be equipped with a mini- fission bomb. "Border, Breed Nor Birth" , Dallas McCord Reynolds.
  2. It was a concession beyond Terra's wildest dreams; for a hundred years they had tried to beg, buy or steal some knowledge of the mysterious science of matrix mechanics- that curious discipline which could turn matter into raw energy, and vice versa, without any intermediate stages and without fission by- products. "The Planet Savers" , Marion Zimmer Bradley.
  3. Surely you don't intend to carry fission or fusion weapons against them?" "The Planet Savers" , Marion Zimmer Bradley.
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