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Correct spelling: found


Definition of found:

  1. To lay the basis of; to begin and build; to establish; to fix firmly; to endow; to originate.
  2. To cast; to form by melting a metal and pouring it into a mould.
  3. To rest.

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Examples of usage for found:

  1. Mary is not to be found.
  2. Yes, often, but I found it didn't pay to give up to them.
  3. Yet there is another way, I found out, and it is the one most used.

Quotes for found:

  1. I write from the same place I parent, and since becoming a single parent, I have found it difficult, if not impossible, to write anything of length. - Dirk Benedict
  2. Thanks to my mother, not a single cardboard box has found its way back into society. We receive gifts in boxes from stores that went out of business twenty years ago. - Erma Bombeck
  3. But Nature cast me for the part she found me best fitted for, and I have had to play it, and must play it till the curtain falls. - Edwin Booth
  4. In the usual progress of things, the necessities of a nation in every stage of its existence will be found at least equal to its resources. - Alexander Hamilton
  5. A philosopher is, no doubt, entitled to examine even those distinctions that are to be found in the structure of all languages... in that case, such a distinction may be imputed to a vulgar error, which ought to be corrected in philosophy. - Thomas Reid

Idioms for found:

  1. tried and found wanting
  2. not anywhere to be found
  3. found money
  4. found sth ( up) on sth
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