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Spell Check of grater

Correct spelling: grater


Definition of grater:

  1. A utensil with a rough surface for rubbing down a body.

Common misspellings for grater:

gratered, gerater, grather, grator, grest, greator, gratter.

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Examples of usage for grater:

  1. In the earlier days of snuff- taking, people generally ground their own snuff by rubbing roll tobacco across a small grater, usually fixed inside the snuff- box. "England in the Days of Old" , William Andrews.
  2. Grate rapidly on a coarse grater. "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book" , Myrtle Reed.
  3. In half a year's time he went through measles in the house- of- study, and then small- pox, and got a face as pitted as a grater. "Stories and Pictures" , Isaac Loeb Peretz.
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