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Spell Check of greed

Correct spelling: greed


Definition of greed:

  1. Greedily.
  2. Greediness; avarice.

Common misspellings for greed:

grred, agread, gread, greeed, gree, greeds, greeg, greedyness.

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This graph shows how "greed" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for greed:

  1. His greed, as well as that of the manufacturer and parent, is responsible for much of the child labor; his greed for activity, for association, for money, and so for work. "Civics and Health" , William H. Allen.
  2. Yet none of this impending trouble worried Ryer, whose greed grew by what it fed upon. "Dutch Fairy Tales for Young Folks" , William Elliot Griffis.
  3. In 1920 it will be the mightiest center of the English speaking race- thank you, I'll not take any more dressing- I envy you young people who come now when the worst of the fight against material greed is nearly over. "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly" , Hamlin Garland.

Quotes for greed:

  1. From the first day to this, sheer greed was the driving spirit of civilization. - Friedrich Engels
  2. Most of the time common stocks are subject to irrational and excessive price fluctuations in both directions as the consequence of the ingrained tendency of most people to speculate or gamble... to give way to hope, fear and greed. - Benjamin Graham
  3. Men of vision. Oh, I love the fine names men give each other to hide their greed and lust for adventure. - Charles MacArthur
  4. We have seen that in this country in the last few years, particularly on Wall Street, with the rise of the old human frailty of greed. This occurs when people begin to serve only their own needs to the detriment of everyone else. - Lee R. Raymond
  5. Greed has driven the world crazy. And I think I'm lucky that I have a place over here that I can call home. - Nina Simone

Rhymes for greed:

  1. accede, agreed, concede, decreed, degreed, elide, exceed, gilead.
  2. aristide, disagreed, guaranteed, intercede, overfeed.
  3. bead, bede, bleed, brede, breed, cede, creed, dede, deed, ede, fede, feed, freed, fried, friede, hamid, he'd, heed, impede, indeed, keyed, knead, kneed, lead, leed, lipide, mead, meade, misdeed, mislead, misread, nead, need, plead, precede, proceed, rasheed, rashid, read, recede, reed, reid, reread, reseed, saeed, screed, secede, seed, shaheed, she'd, skied, snead, sneed, speed, stampede, steed, succeed, supersede, swede, teed, tweed, waleed, walid, we'd, weed, wied.
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