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Correct spelling: grow

Definition of grow:

  1. To cultivate.
  2. To cultivate; to raise. To grow out of, to issue from, as plants from the soil. To grow up, to advance to full maturity. To grow up or to grow together, to close and adhere to.
  3. To increase in size by natural organic development; to be produced by vegetation; to flourish; to increase; to advance; to be changed from one state to another; to become.

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Examples of usage for grow:

  1. A chance to study and learn and grow the way she wants to. – The Shepherd of the North by Richard Aumerle Maher
  2. But here the thing seemed to grow up under one's eyes. – Hodge and His Masters by Richard Jefferies
  3. " They are young with us, and they grow old with us. – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf

Rhymes for grow:

  1. au, beau, below, bestow, blow, bordeaux, bow, chateau, co, cousteau, cro, crow, defoe, doe, doh, dough, escrow, floe, flow, foe, forego, forgo, glow, go, gogh, hello, ho, hoe, kayo, know, ko, kowtow, loewe, low, luo, marceau, mo, monroe, mow, munro, o', oh, outgrow, owe, plateau, plough, poe, pro, rho, ro, roe, rondeau, rouleau, row, sew, show, sloe, slow, snow, so, so-so, sow, stow, stowe, tableau, tho, thoreau, though, throw, toe, tow, truffaut, turbot, undergo, woe, beaux, flo, fro, jo, joe, lo, moe, poh, rideau, tableaux, tallyho, tarot, trow, whoa, wo, ngo, strow, boe, coe, giraud, loew, lowe, noe, renaud, rowe, thibault, cloe, margaux, chau, cho, devaux, glo, gro, loh, chateaux, aux, bio, goe, goh, vo, dau, mau, nau, quo, tso, uno, yo, bo, roh, tyo, ow, loe, gau, bro, hoh, koh, noh, cabo, eau, joh, yoe, yoh, gloe, papo, kyo, inco, bowe, escoe, sgro, yau, zoh, perot, peugeot, nouveau;
  2. aglow, ago, although, miro, pernod, arnaud, arnault, renault;
  3. apropos, imo, overflow, ivo, eeo, taekwondo;
  4. celo;