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Correct spelling: guarantee


Common misspellings for guarantee:

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Examples of usage for guarantee:

  1. But there's no guarantee she'll do it." "Syndrome" , Thomas Hoover.
  2. " Ally, I can't guarantee anything. "Syndrome" , Thomas Hoover.
  3. There is no guarantee in nature that because a thing changes, it must necessarily become better than it was. "The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society" , Upton Sinclair.

Quotes for guarantee:

  1. Love means to commit yourself without guarantee. - Anne Campbell
  2. I can guarantee you this, that more pension and benefit reforms which I will consider arbitration reform to be one of them, are things that when they come to my desk, they will be signed. - Chris Christie
  3. Without free, self -respecting, and autonomous citizens there can be no free and independent nations. Without internal peace, that is, peace among citizens and between the citizens and the state, there can be no guarantee of external peace. - Vaclav Havel
  4. Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions- it only guarantees equality of opportunity. - Irving Kristol
  5. Bunch together a group of people deliberately chosen for strong religious feelings, and you have a practical guarantee of dark morbidities expressed in crime, perversion, and insanity. - H. P. Lovecraft

Rhymes for guarantee:

  1. ab, andree, apc, appointee, atp, b, banshee, bbc, be, bea, bee, bibi, blea, bourgeoisie, brea, bree, brie, bt, bui, c, c3, cac, capri, cat-3, cc, cd, chablis, chea, chee, cie, cod, conferee, crea, cree, curie, cxc, cyb, d, ddt, de, dea, debris, decree, dee, degree, deportee, designee, detainee, devotee, disagree, draftee, dsv, dundee, dupree, eap, ee, emcee, enlistee, enrollee, escapee, esprit, fee, fi, flea, flee, fop, foresee, franchisee, free, fsi, g, ged, gee, ghee, glee, goatee, guarani, guaranty, gutsy, gyi, he, hee, henri, honoree, ib, id, indri, inductee, internee, ip, jaycee, je, jee, jessee, ji, jie, jubilee, kea, kee, key, khe, ki, klee, knee, kyi, lavie, lea, lee, leigh, lessee, li, licensee, loree, louie, lp, lsd, lxi, m3, magee, marie, markee, marquee, marquis, mc, mcgee, mcghee, me, mea, mee, mi, mit, mme, mpg, mt, musee, nabil, ne, nee, nestle, nghi, nic, nie, njt, nominee, oad, odp, ofc, ot, oversea, p, parolee, pattee, pawnee, pea, plea, potpourri, pree, pri, prix, qi, quai, quay, qui, ranee, ravi, rb, re, rea, ree, referee, repartee, resignee, retiree, rosalee, rosemarie, rupee, sci, se, sea, see, sep, she, sheree, shi, shri, si, sie, sightsee, ski, slee, smee, snee, spie, spree, sri, syp, sze, t, te, tea, tee, tenn, tennessee, the, thee, thi, thierry, three, ti, trainee, tree, trustee, tse, tv, tyree, undersea, v, valoree, ve, vee, vendee, vi, waikiki, we, wee, whoopee, xi, xie, yangtze, ye, yee, yi, yie, yippee, z, ze, zea, zee.
  2. abee, ac, achee, adee, agree, albee, alee.
  3. absentee, abt, addressee, adoptee, adoree, amc, amputee.
  4. awb.
  5. geac, hnat, interviewee, irit, knbc, lapd.

Idioms for guarantee:

  1. guarantee against
  2. guarantee against sth
  3. guarantee sth against sth ( for sth)
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