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This graph shows how "guard" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for guard:

  1. " I fear that the guard ships keep too sharp a look- out to allow us to do that," observed Martin; " still, I see no better way of making our escape."
  2. As they stepped into the tunnel, the hooded guard added in slightly more natural tones, Brothers, you two are late.
  3. I had to ride hard to escape their advance guard.

Quotes for guard:

  1. Apart from these, let all others remain to guard our glorious banners. - Giuseppe Garibaldi
  2. Elvis couldn't leave the hotel except under heavy guard. It was incredible how they went wild over him. - Minnie Pearl
  3. Of all things, guard against neglecting God in the secret place of prayer. - William Wilberforce
  4. It is, therefore, essential that we guard our own thinking and not be among those who cry out against prejudices applicable to themselves, while busy spawning intolerances for others. - Wendell L. Wilkie
  5. I recently did the David Letterman Show about my book. He was very serious and made no jokes and it caught me off guard a little bit. He was much more serious than some of the joke shows that journalists get on. - Bob Woodward

Rhymes for guard:

  1. alard, archard, barnard, belgard, bernard, billard, bombard, burchard, burnard, byard, canard, disbarred, discard, fayard, gallard, gaspard, gerard, gillard, girard, godard, jarrard, menard, picard, regard, renard, rennard, ricard.
  2. ard, bard, barred, card, chard, charred, gard, garde, hard, jarred, lard, marred, nard, parde, scarred, shard, sparred, starred, sward, tarred, yard.
  3. avant-garde, disregard.

Idioms for guard:

  1. catch off guard
  2. drop your guard
  3. guard against sm or sth
  4. guard sm or sth from sm or sth
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