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Correct spelling: have

Definition of have:

  1. To understand.
  2. To possess; to hold; to take; to be obliged; to contain; to receive. Had rather, wish rather. To have after, to pursue. To have away, to remove; to take away. To have at, to assail; to enter into competition with. To have in, to contain. To have out, to cause to depart. To have a care, to take care. To have pleasure, to enjoy. To have pain, to suffer. To have sorrow, to be grieved. He would have, he requires. He should have, he ought to have.

Common misspellings for have:

bave, mave, ahve, hever, hape.


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Examples of usage for have:

  1. Have is the most general word, and is applied to whatever belongs to or is connected with one; a man has a head or a head- ache, a fortune or an opinion, a friend or an enemy; he has time, or has need; he may be said to have what is his own, what he has borrowed, what has been entrusted to him, or what he has stolen. To possess a thing is to have the ownership with control and enjoyment of it. To hold is to have in one's hand, or securely in one's control; a man holds his friend's coat for a moment, or he holds a struggling horse; he holds a promissory note, or holds an office. To own is to have the right of property in; to possess is to have that right in actual exercise; to occupy is to have possession and use, with some degree of permanency, with or without ownership. A man occupies his own house or a room in a hotel; a man may own a farm of which he is not in possession because a tenant occupies it and is determined to hold it; the proprietor owns the property, but the tenant is in possession. To be in possession differs from possess in that to possess denotes both right and fact, while to be in possession denotes simply the fact with no affirmation as to the right. To have reason is to be endowed with the faculty; to be in possession of one's reason denotes that the faculty is in actual present exercise. –  by
  2. Have they said all that can be said? – Daniel Defoe by William Minto
  3. She could have told them what to do, and what not to do. – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf

Quotes for have:

  1. But then you have to write a song, so at that point, I picked up the reins and started to write lyrics.
  2. The test of an author is not to be found merely in the number of his phrases that pass current in the corner of newspapers... but in the number of passages that have really taken root in younger minds.
  3. I have never known so much naive conviction allied to greater intellectual poverty.
  4. I have a lot of very close girlfriends and sisters- I'm from an all female family. My father often quips that even the cat was neutered!
  5. If I'd known how old I was going to be I'd have taken better care of myself.

Rhymes for have:

  1. calve, halve, nav;