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Spell Check of heritable

Correct spelling: heritable


Definition of heritable:

  1. That may be inherited; capable of inheriting or taking by descent.

Common misspellings for heritable:

heretible, rewritable, hertiable.

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Examples of usage for heritable:

  1. This indicates that truly heritable traits or characters are separate units and are inherited independently. "Parent and Child Vol. III., Child Study and Training" , Mosiah Hall.
  2. Before we attempt to answer this question it is necessary to find out, if we can, in what ways the African differs from the European; for if it be found that there are radical and inherent differences between the two races of a kind that seem certain to remain unaltered by new influences and changed environment then the whites will feel justified in denying equality where nature herself has made it impossible, whereas if the existing difference be proved to be only outwardly acquired and not inwardly heritable then the coming demand for equality will stand supported by natural right which may not be ignored. "The Black Man's Place in South Africa" , Peter Nielsen.
  3. The average white man has a more or less vague notion that his own proud position at the top of human society is the result of the continuous and assiduous use of the brain by his forefathers in the struggle for existence under the rigorous conditions of a northern climate during thousands of generations by which constant exercise the mental faculty of his race grew and increased till it became, in course of time, a heritable intellectual endowment, whereas the Natives of Africa by failing always to make use of whatever brain power they might have been blessed with in the beginning have suffered a continuous loss of mental capacity. "The Black Man's Place in South Africa" , Peter Nielsen.

Rhymes for heritable:

  1. charitable, veritable.
  2. inheritable.
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