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Correct spelling: hissing

Definition of hissing:

  1. A hissing sound; an expression or an object of seorn or contempt.

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Examples of usage for hissing:

  1. The little train for Truro was standing under the sheds, the hissing steam from the locomotive rising perpendicular in the still air of the morning, and soon they were settled in one of the straight- backed seats. –  by
  2. But if you're leavin' the night be sure- The woman's voice dropped to a hissing whisper. –  by
  3. The words came to him muffled but distinct, and he raised his hand to knock, when, suddenly arrested, he seized Poleon and forced him to his knees, hissing into his ear: Listen! –  by

Quotes for hissing:

  1. Envy's a coal comes hissing hot from Hell.
  2. When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know I'm slipping.
  3. A Madagascar Hissing Roach chasing Jerry Lewis. That would be a really neat treat.

Rhymes for hissing:

  1. kissing, missing;
  2. dismissing;
  3. reminiscing;