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This graph shows how "ideal" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for ideal:

  1. I never could have planned this, and now I'm in my ideal situation career -wise and just sort of where I am in my life, and I'm super happy with how everything's going. - Shawn Ashmore
  2. At least for me personally, I've always tried to do a really good job every day, with each interview, and treat each interview seriously, and make the person I'm speaking with feel comfortable, hopefully make it an ideal experience. - Katie Couric
  3. The ideal, it seems to me, is to show things happening and allow the reader to decide what they mean. - John M. Ford
  4. The ideal situation would be to bypass all of the drama and mayhem and just get the music right to the people. I'm confident that we'll eventually figure it out. - Debbie Gibson
  5. A woman can be very beautiful and an ideal model and she will photograph incredibly well, but she'll appear in film and it won't work. What works is some fusion of physical beauty with some mental field or whatever you call it. I don't know. - Oliver Stone

Rhymes for ideal:

  1. abele, adriel, anneal, appeal, brasil, camille, cecile, conceal, congeal, corneal, emil, emile, ferrill, genteel, lucile, lucille, macneal, macneill, mcneal, mcneil, mcneill, morrill, nevil, o'neal, o'neill, oneal, ordeal, puerile, repeal, reseal, reveal, savill, shaquille, surreal, unreal, unseal, verrill.
  2. automobile.
  3. averill, villarreal.
  4. beal, beale, beall, beil, cele, ciel, creel, deal, deale, deel, diel, eel, feel, gilles, he'll, heal, heel, keel, kiel, kneel, leal, meal, mele, neal, neale, neall, neel, neil, neile, neill, niel, peal, peale, peel, peele, real, reel, riel, scheele, seal, seel, she'll, shiel, skeel, smeal, spiel, squeal, steal, steel, steele, teal, teale, teall, teel, veal, we'll, weil, wheel, zeal, zele.
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