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This graph shows how "increase" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for increase:

  1. Of course nobody can say with certainty what has caused the increase. "A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer" , William Reed Huntington.
  2. Lord, increase our faith." "A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer" , William Reed Huntington.
  3. Its center, for many reasons that might be urged, was the Old Cross, and its increase, in those early ages of time must have been very small. "An History of Birmingham (1783)" , William Hutton.

Quotes for increase:

  1. Just to cover the increase in fuel costs over the past two years, American would have had to raise fares nearly $75 per round -trip ticket. During this time period, our average fare increased by only $15. - Gerard Arpey
  2. Man is the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed; the only animal that is never satisfied. - Henry George
  3. We have now gone beyond 100 in number, and the desire to join seems rather to increase, though it was thought the foundations would retard it, it seems quite otherwise. - Catherine McAuley
  4. I believe that the high rates of property crime( and some of the increase in violent crime) are part of the price you pay for freedom. - James Q. Wilson
  5. I don't think there has been any increase in sophistication in the audience. When people are aware of a concept that's easy to understand, and there's an actor who will attract them to the theater and it's a movie that's funny three -quarters of the time, it will be successful. - David Zucker

Rhymes for increase:

  1. apiece, aris, audris, bernice, caprice, cerise, clarice, decease, decrease, denice, denise, devries, edris, elise, felice, luis, markese, maryse, matisse, maurice, obese, patrice, police, release, tunis.
  2. cease, cece, crease, feasts, fleece, gees, geese, grease, greece, lease, leece, leese, neiss, nice, niece, peace, pease, piece, priests, rease, reece, reese, seis, speece, suisse, tese.
  3. vietnamese.

Idioms for increase:

  1. increase by leaps and bounds
  2. increase in sth
  3. increase sth by sth
  4. increase sth ( from sth) ( to sth)
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