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Correct spelling: individuality


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Examples of usage for individuality:

  1. She'd have had the use of her soul, her time, her individuality –  by
  2. Such a course would probably destroy the individuality which we all desire to see applied to the choice of clothing, and it would leave no field for original ideas. –  by
  3. She would also bring personality- a delightful individuality of which any man might be proud. –  by

Quotes for individuality:

  1. The writer in western civilization has become not a voice of his tribe, but of his individuality. This is a very narrow -minded situation.
  2. Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality.
  3. If a man is not faithful to his own individuality, he cannot be loyal to anything.
  4. It was not always easy because I was always an individual and found it difficult to be one of a group. One person who was very supportive was my father. My mother was great but my father really recognised my individuality and supported me in that.
  5. We have many cases of men committing suicide rather than face their own individuality. I know of no case of a woman who committed suicide because she was gay.