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Spell Check of Julie

Correct spelling: Julie

Common misspellings for Julie:

  • juile (23%)
  • jule (23%)
  • juie (12%)
  • jullie (8%)
  • juli (7%)
  • juley (5%)
  • juliie (3%)
  • julei (3%)
  • jukie (3%)
  • juliezhong (3%)
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Julie as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Julie), .

Sounds Like: Julee, Julio, Jule, Juli.




Origin: French

Julie as a girl's name is pronounced JOO-lee, ZHOO-lee. It is of French origin. Diminutive of Julia (Latin) "youthful; Jove's child". Imported from France in the 1920s. Strindberg used the name in this 1888 tragedy "Miss Julie". Actresses Julie Andrews, Julie Harris, Julie Walters, Julie Kavner; cookbook author Julee Rosso; pop singer Julee Cruise.

Related names: Giulia, Juliana, Julissa.

Sounds Like: Juli, Jolie.

Variants: Jully, Jooley, Joolie, Julee, Juley, Julienne, Jullee, Jullie, July.

Examples of usage for Julie:

1) Another reason for his change of sentiment was his fortunate marriage to a lady whom he met at Rennes, where his regiment was stationed- Mademoiselle Julie Bienvenue. "Boys' Book of Famous Soldiers", , J. Walker McSpadden.

2) But little Joey O'Dowd, the youngest of Julie's flock, was seized with pneumonia, and although the flock was a large one Julie was too genuine a mother to feel she could spare one out of her fold. "Carl and the Cotton Gin", , Sara Ware Bassett.

3) Julie could never save him in the world. "Carl and the Cotton Gin", , Sara Ware Bassett.

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