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Spell Check of kind

Correct spelling: kind

Common misspellings for kind:

kinda, kindof, kine, kindove, caind.


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This graph shows how "kind" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for kind:

  1. I don't expect to be anything of the kind – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf
  2. Do you really care for this kind of thing? – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf
  3. He looked well- to- do for that kind of work. – The Beautiful Wretch; The Pupil of Aurelius; and The Four Macnicols by William Black

Quotes for kind:

  1. So you get kind of addicted to a revenue stream, and then all of a sudden it goes away, now the problem is worse than it was before.
  2. I wasn't trying to work out my own ancestry. I was trying to get people to feel slavery. I was trying to get across the kind of emotional and psychological stones that slavery threw at people.
  3. Show me the man you honor, and I will know what kind of man you are.
  4. I think it kind of took being a character actor to kind of now enter into leading ladies.
  5. This is the kind of problem you want to have! Country radio has been great to me my whole career. I can't thank those folks enough.