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Correct spelling: love

Definition of love:

  1. An affectionate doveted attachment, especially that passionate all- absorbing form of it when the object is one of the opposite sex; courtship; benevolence; the object beloved; a word of endearment; the god of love.
  2. To like; to be pleased with; to regard with affection; to be in love with.
  3. To be in love; to be tenderly attached.

Love \l(o)-ve\

love, affection
Love as a girl's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Love is "love, affection". Surname. Singer Courtney Love.
liv, livy, Liva.
Loveday, Lovella, Lovey.

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Quotes for love:

  1. Most of what we take as being important is not material, whether it's music or feelings or love. They're things we can't really see or touch. They're not material, but they're vitally important to us.
  2. I love tennis with a passion. I challenged Boris Becker to a match once and he said he was up for it but he never called back. I bet I could make him run around.
  3. I love Neil Finn. I've loved everything he's done since Split Enz.
  4. I heard Sidney Bechet play a Duke Ellington piece and fell in love with the soprano saxophone.
  5. As the years have gone on, I find one of the dangers of watching dailies... is you fall in love with moments.

Rhymes for love:

  1. glove, shove, dove, gov, of;
  2. thereof, belove, above;