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Correct spelling: manner


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This graph shows how "manner" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for manner:

  1. Her manner was not easy at any time.
  2. There had been no change in Elizabeth's manner toward her.
  3. And what manner of cry is that, Paddy?

Quotes for manner:

  1. So for twelve miles I rode with Sherman, and we became fast friends. He asked me all manner of questions on the way, and I found that he knew my father well, and remembered his tragic death in Salt Creek Valley. - Buffalo Bill
  2. Life had stopped for her a long time ago. She was so out of touch with her feelings that she had no joy in her life and no concept of the fact that she could be wrong. She delivered her care of her insane patients in a killing manner, but she was convinced she was right. - Louise Fletcher
  3. Since, however, the reduced surplus value is to be distributed among them in like manner, the modification of their respective parts in the production of surplus value must find expression in a modification of the prices. - Rudolf Hiferding
  4. Linguistics will have to recognise laws operating universally in language, and in a strictly rational manner, separating general phenomena from those restricted to one branch of languages or another. - Ferdinand de Saussure
  5. We have treated our most serious adversaries, such as Iran and North Korea, in the most juvenile manner- by giving them the silent treatment. In so doing, we have weakened, not strengthened, our bargaining position and our leadership. - Theodore C. Sorensen

Rhymes for manner:

  1. banner, canner, manor, planner, scanner, spanner, tanner.

Idioms for manner:

  1. not by any manner of means
  2. comport oneself with sm manner
  3. ( as) to the manner born
  4. all manner of sm or sth
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