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Correct spelling: manure

Definition of manure:

  1. Any matter which fertilizes land.
  2. To fertilize by manuring.

Common misspellings for manure:

minure, maneuvre, manouvre, manu4e, maneuer, manored.


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Quotes for manure:

  1. Tonight the city is full of morgues, and all the toilets are overflowing. There's shopping malls coming out of the walls, as we walk out among the manure. That's why I pay no mind.
  2. I tried for a while to be an agricultural worker and was hopelessly bored. To me it was meaningless. I would stand around in heaps of manure and sings about the beauty of the work I wasn't doing.
  3. The return from cows and sheep in cheese is worth much money every day in the season, without calves and lambs, and without the manure, which all return corn and fruit.
  4. Humanity is the rich effluvium, it is the waste and the manure and the soil, and from it grows the tree of the arts.
  5. You got to have smelt a lot of mule manure before you can sing like a hillbilly.