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Spell Check of marauders

Correct spelling: marauders


Common misspellings for marauders:

mauraders, maruaders, maraders, mauranders, maurauders, mauruders, muraders.

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Examples of usage for marauders:

  1. Clearer intelligence and culture have substituted the duties of peaceful citizens for those of marauders, and the enterprises of civilized life for the exaggerated romance of chivalry. "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia" , Maturin M. Ballou.
  2. To suffer a fellow- citizen to die of hunger is felt by a civilized community to be at least as just a disgrace to its government as it would be to leave him a prey to the knife of the assassin, or to the incursions of marauders from over the enemy's border. "Contemporary Socialism" , John Rae.
  3. They are both nocturnal marauders. "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs" , Orange Jacobs.

Quotes for marauders:

  1. We're like marauders out on the high seas. - Bobby Sheehan
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