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Spell Check of mexican

Correct spelling: mexican

Definition of mexican:

  1. of or relating to Mexico or its inhabitants; " Mexican food is hot"

Common misspellings for mexican:

  • mexian (19%)
  • mexician (16%)
  • mexcian (15%)
  • mexcan (8%)
  • maxican (6%)
  • mexica (5%)
  • mexiacan (5%)
  • mexicain (5%)
  • mexicn (4%)
  • meixcan (2%)
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Examples of usage for mexican:

  1. It happened that the Mexican woman couldn't read and talked little; still, I knew they'd find me soon- it couldn't be otherwise- so I made another run for it, swearing an oath, however, before I left that I'd come back and have that gambler's heart.
  2. First Counselor of the Mexican Embassy in San Hermano and guest professor of literature at the University.
  3. He lived to see that flag the trophy of his country, and to see the stars and stripes wave above the waters of the Mexican gulf, and over those of the Atlantic and Pacific seas.