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Correct spelling: moore


Common misspellings for moore:

moores, morre, nomore, motorvehicle, moorse, mooore.

Moore \mo(o)-re\

swarthy, dark-skinned; bog; noble, great
Moore as a boy's name is of Old French, Middle English, Gaelic and Celtic origin, and the meaning of Moore is "swarthy, dark-skinned; bog; noble, great". A place name for families who lived close to a bog or moor. Clement Clarke Moore was the author of the much-loved poem "'Twas the night before Christmas".
Morey, Mori, Morry, Morrie, Morrey.

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Examples of usage for moore:

  1. Moore followed, and a start was made along the Boshof road. "Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer" , W. C. Scully.
  2. No, Mr. Moore, she will never come back. "Prince Fortunatus" , William Black.
  3. Mr. Moore, if you were to find her, what then? "Prince Fortunatus" , William Black.

Quotes for moore:

  1. What a blast it is to be here with Michael Moore. - Madeleine Albright
  2. Yes, The Persuaders, that was great fun because one of my favourite actors is Roger Moore. - Val Guest
  3. I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend, Dudley Moore. - Liza Minnelli
  4. They wanted to jump on their own bandwagon. Bobby Charlton had never made it as a manager. Bobby Moore hadn't either. I think they never stopped trying to put me in the same category. That was the road they went down with me. - Bryan Robson
  5. I wrote the tunes and sang only nonsense words. Then came Moore and dressed them with the lyrics. - Rick Wright

Rhymes for moore:

  1. abhor, ador, adore, afore, allure, amour, ashore, assure, baldur, bator, before, bonjour, brochure, c4, cat-4, couture, decor.
  2. antiwar, anymore, guarantor, heretofore, immature, livermore, premature, reassure, reinsure.
  3. boar, boer, bohr, boor, bore, buhr, chore, coar, cohr, cor, core, corps, corr, cure, d'or, demure, deplore, detour, dior, door, dore, dorr, drawer, endure, ensure, explore, floor, flor, flore, fore, four, gabor, galore, gilmour, glor, glore, goar, gore, gorr, hardcore, hoar, ignore, igor, implore, impure, inshore, insure, inure, lahore, laur, laure, lenore, livor, loar, lor, lore, lumpur, lure, m4, manure, mature, mazor, mohr, moor, mor, more, morr, muir, ngor, nohr, nor, oar, obscure, offshore, ohr, or, ore, orr, outpour, outscore, poor, por, pore, porr, postwar, pour, prewar, procure, pure, rapport, restore, roar, ruhr, saur, schnorr, scor, score, secure, sedor, senor, shore, snore, soar, sor, sore, spoor, spore, store, sure, swore, thor, timor, tor, tore, torr, torre, tour, uhr, underscore, unsure, ur, vore, war, warr, wor, wore, yore, you're, your.
  4. entrepreneur.
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