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Correct spelling: much

Definition of much:

  1. More.
  2. In a great degree.
  3. Great in quantity or amount; long in duration.
  4. In a great degree; by far; nearly; often or long.
  5. A great quantity; a great matter. As much or so much, an equal quantity. Too much, an excessive quantity. To make much of, to value, or esteem, or fondle.

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Quotes for much:

  1. It seems to me that those songs that have been any good, I have nothing much to do with the writing of them. The words have just crawled down my sleeve and come out on the page.
  2. My success was not based so much on any great intelligence but on great common sense.
  3. I think it's like music for the sake of music, and a lot of the words stem from liking music a lot, wanting to be a good band and having a good sense of humour, and living in a situation where we're free to pretty much do what we want.
  4. I should add that I very much enjoy certain cities especially Paris, New York and Chicago.
  5. If you want to move people, you look for a point of sensitivity, and in Egypt nothing moves people as much as religion.

Rhymes for much:

  1. mutch, such, bruch, clutch, kutch, tuch, huch, hutch, crutch, buche, dutch, touch;
  2. nonesuch;