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Spell Check of muffs

Correct spelling: muffs


Google Ngram Viewer results for muffs:

This graph shows how "muffs" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for muffs:

  1. A few years later in the wardrobe accounts of Prince Henry of Wales, a charge is made for embroidering two muffs. "England in the Days of Old" , William Andrews.
  2. Several poems and plays of the olden time contain references to men using muffs. "England in the Days of Old" , William Andrews.
  3. Men then wore in winter small muffs, and I flatter myself that, as I paced to the Parliament House, no man of fifty could look more thoughtful or steady. "England in the Days of Old" , William Andrews.

Rhymes for muffs:

  1. bluffs, buffs, cuffs, fluffs, puffs, sloughs, snuffs, stuffs, toughs.
  2. rebuffs.
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