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Correct spelling: mysterious


Definition of mysterious:

  1. Hidden from the understanding; not revealed; obscure; incomprehensible.

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Examples of usage for mysterious:

  1. That is mysterious in the true sense which is beyond human comprehension, as the decrees of God or the origin of life. That is mystic or mystical which has associated with it some hidden or recondite meaning, especially of a religious kind; as, the mystic Babylon of the Apocalypse. That is dark which we can not personally see through, especially if sadly perplexing; as, a dark providence. That is secret which is intentionally hidden. Compare DARK.
  2. I believe that all those people are kidnapped by this mysterious Brotherhood.
  3. In a way; and she’ s just as mysterious as you.

Quotes for mysterious:

  1. Steve McQueen was from a time when you didn't know every little dirty thing about our public figures. He and James Dean were very mysterious, archetypal American heroes. - Sheryl Crow
  2. The mysterious is always attractive. People will always follow a vail. - Bede Jarrett
  3. Mathematics are the result of mysterious powers which no one understands, and which the unconscious recognition of beauty must play an important part. Out of an infinity of designs a mathematician chooses one pattern for beauty's sake and pulls it down to earth. - Marston Morse
  4. I haven't been out in the marketplace in a while. I'm thinking about going back into it. I've got some things set up over the next couple of months just to go and see. But I have no idea what the specific way to a solution is anymore. It's mysterious to me. - Michael Nesmith
  5. Extremes in nature equal ends produce; In man they join to some mysterious use. - Alexander Pope

Rhymes for mysterious:

  1. deleterious.
  2. delirious, imperious.
  3. serious, sirius.
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