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Spell Check of overawe

Correct spelling: overawe


Definition of overawe:

  1. To restrain by awe.

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Examples of usage for overawe:

  1. Much as he would have desired to browbeat Bakahenzie, much as his confidence in the powers of the chief witch- doctor had waned in his estimation, yet there remained sufficient to overawe him when the matter was put to a crucial test. "Witch-Doctors" , Charles Beadle.
  2. It served also to mask and overawe the larger and more wealthy city of Carchemish, a few miles north, which would remain for a long time to come free of permanent Assyrian occupation, though subjected to blackmail on the occasion of every western raid by the Great King. "The Ancient East" , D. G. Hogarth.
  3. I mean to command, to dare, to overawe; that is the only oratory which can put her to the rout. "Anna St. Ives" , Thomas Holcroft.
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