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Spell Check of patent

Correct spelling: patent

Definition of patent:

grant rights to; grant a patent for

Common misspellings:

  • pateint (37%)
  • paitent (29%)
  • paitient (6%)
  • pantent (5%)
  • pattent (4%)
  • paitant (3%)
  • patant (3%)
  • pasent (2%)

Examples of usage:

1) Whereas Ranny's profit was patent, it came in on the spot, and it would come in sooner, of course, if he could afford to purchase outright.

2) Writing to his wife when he was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty, Mr. Smith says: My patent has come to- day, and I have taken my seat at the Board, who address me as 'Sir' in every sentence.

3) Orr's Patent Trays, sold by John P.

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