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Correct spelling: patina


Definition of patina:

  1. The green rust in proof of age on bronze coins and works of art. See Paten.

Common misspellings for patina:

petina, paina, patena.

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Examples of usage for patina:

  1. There were interminable avenues of tables and cases, sending forth the sparkle of gold and silver and prismatic hues, the warm glow of deep- red copper fading into the pale green of patina, from hundreds of works of art- products of German industry, those so- called " bronzes," which were to be displayed in shop- windows all over the country, and endow even the cottages of the poor with an air of prosperity. "The Song of Songs" , Hermann Sudermann.
  2. " Now we come to the most critical part of the business," he said, " the patina application, which gives the figures their style." "The Song of Songs" , Hermann Sudermann.
  3. No Sicilian sunrise was ever more glossy with the patina of hope than the iced one that crept in for a look at the wide- faced, high- cheek- boned beauty of Sara Turkletaub as she lay with her sons to the miracle of her full breasts, her hair still rumpled with the agony of deliverance. "The Vertical City" , Fannie Hurst.

Quotes for patina:

  1. After that I could never pass a dead man without stopping to gaze on his face, stripped by death of that earthly patina which masks the living soul. And I would ask, who were you? Where was your home? Who is mourning for you now? - Ernst Toller

Rhymes for patina:

  1. adamina, albertina, altadena, angelina, aquilina, aretina, orangina.
  2. adina, albina, alcina, alina, andreana, arena, armina, athena, medina.
  3. argentina, balbina, ballerina, bellina, bettina, burkina, cadena, calvina, cantina, carena, cartagena, catalina, catena, catherina, celestina, celina, christina, colina, concertina, constantina, corina, corrina, cortina, crispina, cristina, cyrena, davina, delfina, delphina, domina, edina, edwina, egbertina, elvina, emelina, emina, erina, ermina, evelina, farina, faustina, fernandina, filomena, florentina, galena, galiena, gallina, gemina, georgina, geraldina, gilbertina, hermina, hyena, ianthina, idalina, irina, janina, janthina, jobina, jobyna, julina, justina, katarina, katharina, katrina, lacina, lareina, larina, latina, lavina, leena, lena, levina, lina, magdalena, malina, malvina, maralina, marcellina, marina, martina, melina, melvina, mena, merlina, messina, michaelina, michelina, mina, molina, n'djamena, neutrogena, nicolina, opalina, pamelina, paulina, petrina, petrofina, philina, philomena, pina, pyrena, queena, quina, quintina, regina, reina, rena, rina, robina, romina, rosina, rowena, rubina, rufina, sabena, sabina, sabrina, salina, salvina, sarafina, sardina, savina, selena, selina, serafina, seraphina, sheena, shena, spina, subpoena, teena, thomasina, tina, tomasina, valentina, varina, vena, verbena, verina, vina, wilhelmina, wilhemina, xena, zelina, zena, zenina, zerlina, zorina.
  4. bina, cina, dena, dina, drina, geena, gina, ina, jeana, jena, keena, leana, nina.
  5. ekaterina, herzegovina.
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