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Correct spelling: pioneers


Common misspellings for pioneers:

pioners, pioniers, pioineers, pinerse, pioneers', pionners, poineers.

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This graph shows how "pioneers" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for pioneers:

  1. His people were pioneers. "The Desert of Wheat" , Zane Grey.
  2. By one who watched from below the passage along the ledge of some of the early pioneers of lake climbing it was christened the Rake's Progress, and the name appears apt when it is remembered that the ledge leads from the lower limb of the Lord's Rake to the Mickledoor Ridge. "Climbing in The British Isles. Vol. 1 - England" , W. P. Haskett Smith.
  3. Indeed, it is impossible to say who were the real pioneers of the Gospel within the realm itself. "In the Border Country" , W. S. (William Shillinglaw) Crockett.

Quotes for pioneers:

  1. The point of that is, if you look at Walgreen's history, they've always been pioneers in the application of technology. They're the only drugstore chain that I know to have their own satellite. - James Collins
  2. Molecular collision dynamics has been a wonderful area of research for all practitioners. This is especially true for those who were following the footsteps of pioneers and leaders of the field twenty years ago. - Yuan T. Lee
  3. Our whole philosophy was to intimidate the quarterback. We were able to do it. We were pioneers. People still recognize us as, maybe, the best defensive line of all time. - Merlin Olsen
  4. My understanding is that Kansas, Massachusetts, they've been more pioneers on the special education side. - Margaret Spellings
  5. Negro banks, as a rule, have failed because the people, taught that their own pioneers in business cannot function in this sphere, withdrew their deposits. - Carter G. Woodson
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