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Correct spelling: potassium


Definition of potassium:

  1. Kalium, an alkaline metallic element, symbol K ( kalium), atomic weight 39. 1, occurring abundantly in nature but always in combination. It is a soft silvery white or gray, lustrous substance. Its salts are largely used in medicine. For the salts of potassium see under potassii.
  2. The metallic basis of potash.

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Examples of usage for potassium:

  1. It is decomposed to a certain extent by the action of light, or by a moderate heat in the presence of water, and especially by the aid of acids of various kinds, and by certain salts such as alkaline and other soluble chlorides- especially potassium, sodium, and ammonium chlorides. "The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University" , Robert Peter.

Quotes for potassium:

  1. We should note that this latter type of shift was successfully amplified to a considerable extent by Russian physicists using the intense light of a ruby laser whose wavelength is close to that of a transition of the potassium atom. - Alfred Kastler
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