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Correct spelling: reach

Definition of reach:

  1. To retch.
  2. Power of reaching or attaining; range; limit of power; scheme; expanse; stretch of water.
  3. To stretch; to touch by extending the hand; to arrive at; to extend to; to penetrate to.
  4. To be extended so as to touch; to try to obtain.

Common misspellings for reach:

reack, reacht, readh, rouch, reacy, raxes, rchaeozoic, rachaeozoic, raak, raas, rawak, rcheozoic.


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Examples of usage for reach:

  1. To reach in the sense here considered, is to come to by motion or progress. Attain is now oftenest used of abstract relations; as, to attain success. When applied to concrete matters, it commonly signifies the overcoming of hindrance and difficulty; as, the storm- beaten ship at length attained the harbor. Come is the general word for moving to or toward the place where the speaker or writer is or supposes himself to be. To reach is to come to from a distance that is actually or relatively considerable; to stretch the journey, so to speak, across the distance, as, in its original meaning, one reaches an object by stretching out the hand. To gain is to reach or attain something eagerly sought; the wearied swimmer reaches or gains the shore. One comes in from his garden; he reaches home from a journey. To arrive is to come to a destination, to reach a point intended or proposed. The European steamer arrives in port, or reaches the harbor; the dismantled wreck drifts ashore, or comes to land. Compare ATTAIN. –  by
  2. But I saw, before any doctor could reach us, she would have gone from me. – To-morrow? by Victoria Cross
  3. No; Nina will make sure we cannot reach her- that she is not to be seen by you or me- then perhaps I have a message. – Prince Fortunatus by William Black

Rhymes for reach:

  1. beach, beech, bleach, breach, breech, each, leach, leech, peach, preach, screech, speech, teach, keech, meech;
  2. impeach;