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Spell Check of rescind

Correct spelling: rescind


Definition of rescind:

  1. To annul; to revoke; to abrogate.

Common misspellings for rescind:

recind, recend, rescend, resind, recinde, rescing.

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This graph shows how "rescind" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for rescind:

  1. " I gave you certain instructions to follow out, which I now rescind. "The New Tenant" , E. Phillips Oppenheim.
  2. He insists that we rescind the contract, or accept all its consequences. "That Boy Of Norcott's" , Charles James Lever.
  3. It enraged the king, and presently an order came across the ocean to Francis Bernard, royal governor of Massachusetts, to demand of the assembly that it rescind its circular letter, under penalty of instant dissolution. "The War of Independence" , John Fiske.

Rhymes for rescind:

  1. chagrined, downwind.
  2. ginned, grinned, lind, lynde, pinned, sind, sinned, skinned, thinned, wind.
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