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Correct spelling: rod

Common misspellings for rod:

raid, rarow wood, raarat, rdea, rdeidae, raete, rahat, raidity, rietta, raiidae, roid, raouet.

Rod \rod\

Rod as a boy's name. Short form of Roderick sometimes used as an independent name. Actors Rod Steiger, Roddy MacDowall.
rad, Rodd.

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Examples of usage for rod:

  1. Won't you take my rod – Prince Fortunatus by William Black
  2. I called to Denis, and said that I was ready to put up my rod as I wished to make the acquaintance of a suspicious individual who was said to be lurking about the stream. – Paddy Finn by W. H. G. Kingston
  3. Then Soames put up his fishing- rod and picked up the oars. – Long Ago, Far Away by William Fitzgerald Jenkins AKA Murray Leinster

Quotes for rod:

  1. We always expect tremendous criticism. It is my role to be the lightning rod... to attract the attacks against the organization for our work, and that is a difficult role. On the other hand, I get undue credit.
  2. Rod has such a wicked sense of humour. I loved him very much.
  3. I'd rather be a lightning rod than a seismograph.
  4. Fortune is the rod of the weak, and the staff of the brave.
  5. He that spareth the rod hateth his son.

Rhymes for rod:

  1. clod, fahd, nod, odd, plod, pod, prod, quad, scrod, shod, sod, squad, tod, todd, wad, dodd, trod, saad, brod, rodd, raad, cod, glod, codd, god;
  2. ballade, facade, pernod, petard, riyadh, roughshod, mossad, rashad, riyad, abad, elrod, assad, awad, riad;
  3. esplanade;
  4. natividad;