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Spell Check of schedule

Correct spelling: schedule

Definition of schedule:

  1. make a schedule; plan the time and place for events; " I scheduled an exam for this afternoon"

Common misspellings for schedule:

  • schedual (24%)
  • scedule (8%)
  • schdule (7%)
  • shedule (6%)
  • scheduale (5%)
  • scheduel (5%)
  • scheudle (5%)
  • scedual (4%)
  • schudule (3%)
  • shcedule (2%)
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Examples of usage for schedule:

  1. And, therefore, upon the commencement of a new year, I gave to the abbot that schedule, as a gift to him, which he received very gratefully.
  2. On its publishing schedule during the 18th century, see the Gentleman’ s Magazine, N.
  3. The omission was noted, and in the National Conservation Commission's Report of January 11, 1909, the general schedule gave special consideration to life and health.