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Correct spelling: script


Definition of script:

  1. Type in the form of written letters. See Scrip.

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Examples of usage for script:

  1. The little air which concludes the post- script reflects the careless or " lilting" mood in which Mr. Browning had thrown the " fancy dice" which cast themselves into the form of the poem. "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)" , Mrs. Sutherland Orr.
  2. The script went like this: The heroine is stranded on a bit of driftwood far out on the storm- tossed sea. "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana" , Durham, Andrew Everett.
  3. Quickly he deciphered the script hidden in the ornate tracings. "The Gray Phantom's Return" , Herman Landon.

Quotes for script:

  1. Sometimes we'll only get one script in a year that we want to make that we feel is good enough. - Jerry Bruckheimer
  2. What Tim does is, he calls me and sends me the script. And then he sends me a drawing, an illustration of his image of me as the character. It's so great. - Danny DeVito
  3. The key is, if you're not monkeying around with the script, then everything usually goes pretty well. - Steven Soderbergh
  4. I turned down the first script offered to me, and the second. I lay on my back one day under an umbrella, in the garden, reading the third, and wondered why I had turned down the first. - Conrad Veidt
  5. The best thing for me is, when I'm not working, is to be at home and to have a script or two scripts is better, and to be just walking around the house and just thinking about the lines. - Christopher Walken
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