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Correct spelling: selfishness


Definition of selfishness:

  1. The quality of being selfish; the exclusive regard of a person to his own interest or happiness.

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Examples of usage for selfishness:

  1. We were sitting hand in hand in this blessed little boudoir, when suddenly she turned her sweet face toward me and gently remarked: This seems like selfishness on our part; but Gilbertine insisted.
  2. There is a wonderful selfishness in the heart, while it still asks itself whether it shall love or not.
  3. Love and selfishness may do precisely the same things. "Practical Ethics" , William DeWitt Hyde.

Quotes for selfishness:

  1. Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully. - Richard Bach
  2. Tyranny or slavery, born of selfishness, are the two educational methods of parents; all gradations of tyranny or slavery. - Franz Kafka
  3. This idea of selfishness as a virtue, as opposed to generosity: That, to me, is unnatural. - Jessica Lange
  4. Yes, forget your weakness, whatever that weakness may be. It is egotism, it is selfishness after. all, for it is a dwelling on self. Forget your weakness; and remember your strength. - Joseph Barber Lightfoot
  5. Human nature must have come much nearer perfection than it is now, or will be in many generations, to exclude from such a control prejudice, selfishness, ambition, and injustice. - Elihu Root
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