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Spell Check of shepard

Correct spelling: shepard

Definition of shepard:

United States author of surrealistic allegorical plays ( born in 1943)

Common misspellings for shepard:

  • sheaperd (27%)
  • shepards (21%)
  • sheperd (18%)
  • shephard (15%)
  • sheparded (6%)
  • shappard (3%)
  • shepered (3%)
  • sheaprd (3%)
  • shep (3%)
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Meaning: shepherd

Origin: English

Shepard as a boy's name is a variant of Shepherd (Old English), and the meaning of Shepard is "shepherd".

Sounds Like: Shepperd, Sheppard.

Examples of usage for shepard:

1) Mrs. Helen Gould Shepard owns a large and beautiful estate here. "See America First", , Orville O. Hiestand.

2) A man who minded sheep was once called a Shepard, or Sheppard, as he still is, though we spell it shepherd. "The Romance of Names", , Ernest Weekley.

3) In September the supreme court was to sit at Springfield, and Governor Bowdoin sent a force of 600 militia under General Shepard to protect it. "The Critical Period of American History", , John Fiske.

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