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Spell Check of shore

Correct spelling: shore


Definition of shore:

  1. To set on shore.
  2. The coast or land adjacent to the sea, a large lake or a river.
  3. A prop or support for a building or a ship on the stocks.
  4. To support by a prop or shore.
  5. Of Shear.

Common misspellings for shore:

shoer, shere, shor, shoure, shoree, shure, shour, showr, showreel, shroe, shaw, shoor, shorely.

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Examples of usage for shore:

  1. If we were paid money every time we come on shore with our fish, or every time we want it, we would be able to get our things very much cheaper from other places. "Second Shetland Truck System Report" , William Guthrie.
  2. These young men would not have remained at home about the shore fishing. "Second Shetland Truck System Report" , William Guthrie.
  3. Then I followed my young lad for to get out a shore- boat." "Somehow Good" , William de Morgan.

Quotes for shore:

  1. It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a shipwreck. - Charles Caleb Colton
  2. I could, as a free man, look across the bay toward the Eastern Shore where I was born a slave. - Frederick Douglass
  3. The Baltic Sea is becoming more and more polluted. Not everybody living near the shore of the Baltic Sea is protecting it. It is the water of life for countries like Finland and Sweden. - Harri Holkeri
  4. Have you ever watched a crab on the shore crawling backward in search of the Atlantic Ocean, and missing? That's the way the mind of man operates. - H. L. Mencken
  5. Many miles away there's a shadow on the door of a cottage on the Shore of a dark Scottish lake. - Walter Scott

Rhymes for shore:

  1. abhor, ador, adore, afore, amour, ashore, bator, before, c4, cat-4, decor.
  2. antiwar, anymore, guarantor, heretofore, livermore.
  3. boar, boer, bohr, bore, chore, coar, cohr, cor, core, corps, corr, d'or, deplore, dior, door, dore, dorr, drawer, explore, floor, flor, flore, fore, four, gabor, galore, glor, glore, goar, gore, gorr, hardcore, hoar, ignore, igor, implore, inshore, lahore, laur, laure, lenore, livor, loar, lor, lore, m4, mazor, mohr, moore, mor, more, morr, ngor, nohr, nor, oar, offshore, ohr, or, ore, orr, outpour, outscore, por, pore, porr, postwar, pour, prewar, rapport, restore, roar, saur, schnorr, scor, score, sedor, senor, snore, soar, sor, sore, spore, store, swore, thor, timor, tor, tore, torr, torre, underscore, vore, war, warr, wor, wore, yore, your.

Idioms for shore:

  1. shore up sth
  2. shore sth up
  3. shore sm up
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