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Correct spelling: single

Definition of single:

  1. Unmarried.
  2. Singleness.
  3. Separate; consisting of one only; individual; unmarried; uncompounded; alone; not double; with one on each side; undivided; pure; simple.
  4. To separate; to select; to choose one from others. Single flower, when there is only one on a stem.

Common misspellings for single:

sincle, sungle, singale.


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This graph shows how "single" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for single:

  1. We did not pass a single house. –  by
  2. I cannot hear a single word. –  by
  3. A single German word the whole long summer have I not said. –  by

Rhymes for single:

  1. jingle, mingle, shingle, tingle, lingle, swingle, pringle;
  2. bingle, dingle, ingle;
  3. commingle;
  4. intermingle;