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Correct spelling: slate


Definition of slate:

  1. To cover with slate.
  2. An argillaceous stone, which readily splits into plates; a piece of such for roofing buildings; a piece for writing on.

Common misspellings for slate:

slaye, slae, salte.

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Examples of usage for slate:

  1. She remembered very little of this great aunt, except that she had once sent her a most beautiful doll, with a cunning trunk filled with such neat, old- fashioned frocks and aprons, together with a real little slate and books.
  2. Clean off the slate, Courtney.
  3. I have sometimes wondered, he said, why there is no second chance; why one cannot wipe the slate clear of everything that has been and start anew.

Quotes for slate:

  1. Substantially fewer films will be produced over the next year or two. And a significant portion of the production costs of the reduced slate will be borne by hedge funds and other investment groups. - Peter Bart
  2. I try and reduce myself to an almost blank slate and hope to God that I am creative. - Ben Kingsley
  3. I am a blank slate- therefore I can create anything I want. - Tobey Maguire
  4. The great appeal of the doctrine that the mind is a blank slate is the simple mathematical fact that zero equals zero. - Steven Pinker
  5. I think there is a difference between Slate and Salon. I think we both serve important functions on the Internet. As more and more Websites disappear, I'm thankful Slate is still around because it makes things less lonely. - David Talbot

Idioms for slate:

  1. a clean sheet/ slate
  2. a clean slate
  3. wipe sm's slate clean and wipe the slate clean
  4. start ( off) with a clean slate
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