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Correct spelling: Smithsonian


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Examples of usage for Smithsonian:

  1. In 1896, a model machine which had been constructed under the direction of Professor Langley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, driven by a one horse- power steam- engine, made three flights of a mile each near Washington. – History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6) by E. Benjamin Andrews
  2. At his death his vast collection of botanical specimens, in the formation of which he took such delight, and to which he had devoted so great a portion of his life, was bequeathed to the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, but there was no appropriate place there in which to display so large a collection. – The History of the Medical Department of Transylvania University by Robert Peter

Quotes for Smithsonian:

  1. The Smithsonian museums are among this country's most endearing treasures and I look forward to helping maintain and enhance their coveted works of art.
  2. The turntable is now an instrument at the Smithsonian.
  3. I was at the Smithsonian for twenty years, and I'm still at the Smithsonian as a curator emeritus, and I still plan to figure out what that means for me at this point in my life.
  4. If I had been at a University I don't think I would have been able to have the experience I had in my Smithsonian work. I don't think I have been as successful.
  5. The first job I had with the Smithsonian was as a field researcher among African American communities in Southwest Louisiana and Arkansas for the festival.

Rhymes for Smithsonian:

  1. jacksonian, newtonian, oregonian, plutonian, washingtonian, patagonian, simonian;
  2. bostonian, devonian, draconian, estonian, gorgonian;
  3. babylonian, jeffersonian, macedonian, amazonian, apollonian, caledonian;