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Correct spelling: Squirrels


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Examples of usage for Squirrels:

  1. So the two little boys wandered on through the thin woods, looking for squirrels, and sometimes the cat was with them and sometimes she wasn't, and at last they were just behind Dickie's house, for the new house was his house now. "The Doers" , William John Hopkins.
  2. One morning in the fall David had gone after the squirrels. "The Doers" , William John Hopkins.
  3. David used to try to get near them, but he always told his cat to stay at home when he was going after them, for the squirrels were afraid of his cat. "The Doers" , William John Hopkins.

Quotes for Squirrels:

  1. I gave away two dogs years ago because I felt guilty at not being able to give them the time and attention they deserved. I now regularly feed an army of squirrels and wild birds around our house. - Mike Farrell
  2. My wife and I have so much fun when we travel and find anything... like stray cats and squirrels. - Eric Roberts
  3. The idea is that there is a kind of memory in nature. Each kind of thing has a collective memory. So, take a squirrel living in New York now. That squirrel is being influenced by all past squirrels. - Rupert Sheldrake
  4. I have always brought home stray animals- everything from squirrels to wild rabbits to foxes and turtles. - Amy Weber
  5. All us Youngs could throw. I used to kill squirrels with a stone when I was a kid, and my granddad once killed a turkey buzzard on the fly with a rock. - Cy Young

Rhymes for Squirrels:

  1. deferrals, referrals.
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